“ We help you get the freedom you never had before in your social network communications. ”

Jappix is a fresh new open social platform which enables you to create your own cloud, wherever you want to. People must be able to get in touch with all their friends on a free decentralized network!

You can build your own Jappix installation for your own requirements: if you want to use it as a personal social client, you can download it and put it on your webserver. It's easy, fast and free.

If you are a non-profit organization like a school, Jappix is a perfect way to manage the relationships between its members, organize virtual meetings or simply post some news from the inside.

Furthermore, companies should use Jappix to increase the communications between their employees. Let's take a simple example: one of your collaborator travels to another place for business. As his boss, you may be interested to stay in touch with him, and be aware of exactly where he is!

Thousands of individuals and organizations have downloaded Jappix so far. Get it now, it's open source and totally free!

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The PostPro association militates for freedom in computing (french)« We are also developing a free software project, Jappix, alternative to Windows Live Messenger and based on open technologies. »
Jappix - It works also with other platforms!